Playmate Linda


Some may say I have that 'Je ne sais quoi' that keep many intrigued. I am undefinable. I am attractive, distinctive, and special in some way, but is hard to put into words. I’m worth taking a second to get to know! Maybe you can pin point it!

I’m French, Senegalese, and American. I’m a duel citizen in France and I guess that may be the reason that is one of my favorite places to travel. From the city life and fashion world in Paris to Reims and the the different wines and champagnes, to the beaches in nice and Cannes.

One of my favorite things to do is travel as well as experience new cultures and foods. I completely digest it all! I’m fascinated in learning new lands, cultures and people. It’s hard to be bored when your learning something new! In part that’s what keeps you wise, it is the pursuit of learning. Once you stop learning you might as well stop living. There is a difference between living and just being alive. Let’s live a little! I’m always up for an adventure. I’m somewhat of a dare devil! I have swam with sharks in the Bahamas and I have walked the tiger from hang over in Beverly Hills. I have a python, two tortoise, 4 cane corsos, and two turtles as pets. And I still want more, I’m thinking a Komodo dragon next! I’m terrified of highest but for my next birthday I’m thinking of jumping out of a plane!

I’m a model I have been modeling for 12 years. I’ve worked with some of the top designers walking in many shows during fashion week as well as gracing multiple covers. I’m up for another in January. Maybe I’ll show you 😃. I’m into cars and was raised In a car family. Maybe I can show you I can drive a stick and you can pop my clutch! I’m looking for a man that is able to cater to me mentally, physically, and financially. I want a man that’s been through the ups and downs of life and is able to give knowledgeable advice. A man that is able to mentor me in business and help me create and empire! I need a man that is driven and hard working but knows how to have fun. We don’t have to have everything in common that’s what makes life interesting! Can this man be you? Are you my Romeo? One the greatest attributes a woman can have is the art of listening. Now how about you tell me about you.


1hr   $700

1½hrs $1000

2hrs   $1200

3hrs   $1800

4hrs   $2400

6hrs   $3000

12hrs   $6000

Couples  $1000 hourly

Facetime  $200 - 20mins


Age 26
Base city: Sacramento
Height 5 11
Bra size: 32 DD
Shoe size: 40
Dress size: 4
Weight in lbs: 132
Eye color: brown
Implant boobs? Yes
Personality: Bubbly intriguing humorous adventurous relaxing
Ethnicity: French and Senegalese and Native American
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Fluent languages: English


Food: French
Drink: champagne
Dessert: creme brulee
Perfume: Rivieres de Cartier incouciance
Music : jazz
Hobbies: shopping
Color: pink
Flower: rose


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